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Chain Grades

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If you are a user of chain, whether it be for performing heavy lifts or lashing down a load on a truck, it is very important to know what the difference is between the available grades of chain in the marketplace.  Not knowing this information opens up the potential that a lift or restraint could go horribly wrong, as all chain is not created equal.  Here is a brief breakdown of some of the most common chains that are available:

Trailer Chain

Rated trailer chain must be used on trailers, complying with Australian Standard AS4177.  It is available from 8mm through to 13mm and can be in self colour or galvanised finish.  It is important to note that trailer chain is not suitable and cannot be used for lifting applications in any circumstance, it is only to be used as a safety chain for your trailer

Load Restraint Chain

Load Restraint, or Gr70 alloy chain, complying to Australian Standard AS4344, is easily identified by its gold passivated finish and has a lashing capacity rather than a working load limit.  Its common sizes are 8mm and 10mm, however it is available from 6-13mm, and is to be used in load restraint applications only and is not suitable for lifting

Lifting Chain

Lifting Chain is available in 3 grades – Grade 80, Grade 100 and Grade 120 and is manufactured to comply with AS 2321.  Grade 80 is generally in a black finish, Grade 100 and Grade 120 comes in varying powder coated finishes dependent on the manufacturer.  All rated lifting chain will have a manufacturers mark on it that identifies where the chain come from as well as what grade of chain that it is. If there are no markings on the chain, it is not safe to use



If you are in doubt about the equipment you are using or would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at RMB Lifting.  We have inspection technicians who can come to site and perform a full inspection and/or test of your lifting, load restraint, materials handling and height safety equipment.