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Gas Bottle Cages – East West Engineering

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There are a number of things that RMB Lifting look for in a supplier – quality, durability, reliability of service are some at the top of that list.  One thing that is often overlooked is innovation, not only bringing new products into the range, but improving old ones.  East West Engineering are one company that ticks a lot of boxes.  With one of the widest range of products in the market, they continue to improve their products to ensure optimal safety and efficiency.

With the majority of incidents involving gas cylinders occurring during handling or transport, safe handling practices of equipment are paramount.  To provide additional protection and safety, a chain restraint is now fitted standard to the GB-CM2 Gas Bottle Cage.  This is in addition to the existing internal load binder and securing straps.  This safety measure further constrains the cylinders in position, helping to prevent movement or falling during transport.

Located in Adelaide, RMB Lifting can provide a range of Gas Cylinder Handling and Storage options that we can supply to your location throughout Australia.  Contact our team or check out the East West catalogue on the front page of our website for further information.