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Grade 120 Lifting Chain – RUD ICE Grade 120

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RMB Lifting are distributors of the RUD ICE Grade 120 environmentally friendly lifting systems.

These chains offer a reduction in weight of more than 30% against standard Gr80 lifting chains.

30% means a full chain diameter smaller (than Gr80) can be used to achieve the same working load limit.  This reduction in weight is a considerable ergonomic advantage for operators and crane owners alike, flowing on to long term health and safety benefits.

Full range of RUD Lifting Chain Bolts and Accessories

ICE Grade 120 Lifting Chains are also ideal for use in extreme temperature environments, where they can be used between -60 degrees up to +300 degrees Celsius.  The special coating on the chains has a unique overheating indicator which identifies the temperature range in which the chains can be safely used, changing from its standard colour through to brown/black once it is exposed to temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius.

Also in the ICE Grade 120 range is a full compliment of lashing products including eye bolts.

For further information on RUD Chains contact the team at RMB Lifting.