Anchorage Lines
Anchorage Lines

Supplied with mobile anchorage devices allowing adjustability and movement in horizontal and vertical planes. 3108 and 3108SA Anchorage Lines

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Anchorage Anchors
Beam Anchors

BA 004 Beam Anchor This I-Beam Clamp is one of the lightest and nimblest of its kind. Beyond its unmatched weight, the clamp incorporates a variety of unique components – all resulting in superior performance. Aluminum flange hooks with bronze … Read More

Anchorage Hard Point Anchors
Hard Point Roof Anchors

CT01 Spring Anchor CT02 Spring Anchor CT04 Swivel Anchor RA1 Retrofit Purlin SM1P Steel Sheet Anchor TA1 Timber Rafter Anchor

Anchorage Horizontal Safety Lines
Horizontal Safety Lines

3400 Series Horizontal Safety Lines These webbing safety lines give lateral and versatile continuous anchorage connections. The standard 3400 connection is made directly to the webbing line via a large hook or karabiner while the 3400UK features connection D rings. … Read More

Anchorage Rope Grabs
Rope Grabs

Rope Grabs The P571/8 and P571/10 are guided type fall arresters for use with galvanised steel wire rope and requires no manual adjustment while in use. The length of lanyard used between the fall arrester and harness including 2 karabiners … Read More