If you are looking for Hoisting and Winching solutions, RMB Lifting offer a wide range of Manual, ElectricPneumatic or Hydraulically powered Hoists and Winches to suit a variety of hoisting or pulling applications

Located in Adelaide, South Australia with regular shipping to all parts of Australia and overseas – RMB Lifting work with world leading brands such as Kito, Hitachi and JDN just to name a few.  We can offer solutions for various industries or environments, including hoists and winches for the entertainment industry, power hoists in harsh industrial outdoor environments, and small low use workshops – all working with you to find the best option within your budget

Whether it be Manual, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulically powered hoists and winches, you can be assured of a quality product to go along with a high level of service at RMB Lifting

Experience-Quality-Service:  Contact RMB Lifting today for all your hoisting and winching requirements