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Air Hoists


J.D. Neuhaus manufactures high quality, superior PROFI Air Hoists which are known for their robust designs. This makes their products suitable for tough industrial applications, even in continuous working processes. Safety features, as 100% duty rating and explosion protection, are an important advantage for applications in hazardous areas.


  • Manufactured in Germany, under strict quality control with demanding tolerances.
  • All JDN models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.
  • Patented pre-lube motor design for low maintenance, oil-free operation.
  • 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycle suits all environmental conditions.
  • Only six atmospheres of compressed air required.
  • Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20 °C up to + 70 °C.
  • ATEX–approved models available, suitable for application in dangerous and explosive environments
  • Self-cooling economic air motor which will not overheat.
  • Fail-safe brake, in case of air supply failure.
  • From 1 tonne upwards available with overload protection.
  • Low decibel rating.
  • F-type sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads. Watch this video to see how the JDN precision control works!
  • Cord control or Brass Pendant control available, as well as an electro pneumatic interface for Radio Remote control as an option.
  • Easy operation and low maintenance design.


Specifications: JDN AIR HOISTS  *PROFI range available up to 100 tonne.
**Chain buckets, longer lift heights and alternative controllers available at additional cost.
***Weight and headroom based on PROFI standard model with rope control and no chain bucket.

Rated Capacity (tonne)0.250.511.623.23.26.3101620
Stock CodeJDN705JDN706JDN715JDN719JDN725JDN735JDN732JDN765JDN775JDN785JDN795
Weight with standard 3m lift (m)27272856348666110156240285
No. of chain strands11112122234
Motor Power (kW)1111.3 Ð 213.51.3 Ð 2Ê3.
Chain Dimension (mm)7 x 217 x 217 x 219 x 277 x 2113 x 369 x 2713 x 3616 x 4516 x 4516 x 45
Air Pressure (bar)6666-Apr666-Apr6666
Air Consumption at full load (m_/min)1.2_1.2_1.2_1.5Ð2.6Ê1.241.5Ð2.6Ê4444
Air ConnectionG_G_G_G_G_G_G_G_G_G_G_
Lifting speed at full load (m/min)20115.54 Ð 62.752 Ð 32.51.610.7
Lowering speed at full load (m/min)38171111 Ð 125.510.85.5 Ð

Dimensions: JDN AIR HOISTS (in mm) ¹Chain buckets increase the hoist headroom.
JDN Air Hoists

A (min. headroom_)4504504504804985935446748138981030
F (up to hook centre)137137137170137187140154197199180
G (max. width)176176176215183233215233306308315