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CASAR Alphalift

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CASAR Alphalift Applications

Very flexible construction with a high breaking load. Hoist rope for electrical hoist and other lifting devices, where rotation resistant ropes are not required.



  • Temperature range of use: –50°C to +140°C
  • Available in:
    • ordinary lay and Lang‘s lay
    • right and left hand
    • galvanised and ungalvanised


Diameter Range (mm)4-55.5-6.57-9.5310-27
Number of Outer Strands8888
Number of Wires99211271255
Number of Outer Load Bearing Wires56168168152
Average Fill Factor0.6550.6550.6550.655
Average Nominal Metallic Area Factor C0.5140.5140.5140.514
Average Spin Factor0.860.860.860.86

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