» » » CFM2439 Spreader Beam (Medium)

CFM2439 Spreader Beam (Medium)


The CFM2439 Spreader Beam is a unique multitasking Beam which can be used by overhead crane or forklift to lift long loads. When used by crane, loads can be lifted via the centre single hook point as a ‘Lifting Beam’, or end lifted using a 2 leg chain sling as a ‘Spreader Beam’. If lifting by forklift, the 600mm long slipper pockets allow fast and safe connection to the truck.

• Multi-tasking spreader beam
• Load connection points are adjustable to 3 positions by moving the extendable arm in position
• Safety pins used to securely lock extendable arm in position
• Fitted with 2 safety swivel hooks
• Third party certified to the relevant Australian Standards
• Zinc finish on extendable arms, enamel paint finish on main body


 Model Rated Capacity (RC)  when used as Middle PositionFully ExtendedFork Pocket Size (mm)Centre (mm)Unit Weight
(LC @ 2380mm)(LC @ 3140mm)(LC @ 3900mm)
CFM2439 Forklift Attachment5600kg2900kg1400kg185 x 85900260kg
 Lifting Beam6000kg4500kg2400kg
 Spreader Beam10,000kg10,000kg10,000kg