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CSPN Goods Cage


The CSPN Goods Cage has been designed to safely store and transport loose or palletised goods by crane or forklift.

• Suitable for use with loose or palletised goods
• Suits a 1200mm square pallet
• Fully opening front gate for easy loading and unloading of palletised goods
• Stacking feet allow cages to be stacked 3 high when empty or 2 high when loaded
• Fitted with 4 point lift crane lugs and fork stirrups
• Optional Lifting Frame (CSPN-CL) enables single point lifting where head height is an issue
• Zinc finish

Supplied as a fully assembled unit.
Chains not included.



Working Load Limit (WLL)     1000kg
 Overall Dimensions 1350 x 1350 x 1153mm   
 Gate Opening 1250mm
 Unit Weight 175kg
 Fork Pocket Size 160 x 40mm