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Gr100 Two Leg Adjustable Chain Slings

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  • PWB Anchor manufactures Chain Sling Assemblies in accordance with: AS 2321 : 2014, AS 3775.1 : 2014 and AS 3775.2 : 2014.
  • Available in lengths up to 6 metres and adjustable by means of Grab Hooks, these pre-assembled chain slings utilize Grade 100 Chain, and are supplied with Clevis Self-Lock Hooks as terminal fittings.
  • Assembled, tested, tagged and available ex-stock. Packaged in handy, recyclable plastic containers with test certificates.
  • Other sizes, configurations and capacities available on request.
  • Applications: Industrial lifting.
  • Australian standard: AS 3775.
Chain SizeWLLPart No.Part No.Hook
(mm)(tonnes @ 60 degrees)3 metre6 metre
84.34040240404Clevis Self-Lock
106.94040740409Clevis Self-Lock
1311.64041240414Clevis Self-Lock