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L5 Lever Hoist with overload protection

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  • Unique patented ‘Free Wheeling Hub’ mechanism.
  • Smaller, lighter, high grade (solid), alloy steel frame construction.
  • Double brake pads with four braking surfaces.
  • Low headroom design.
  • Double Pawl & Double Spring Assemblies.
  • Nickel plated grade 100 load chain.
  • Needle and Ball roller bearings allow maximum mechanical efficiency with minimum effort.
Capacity Part No.Part No.Headroom LeverLoad ChainWeight* Load ChainLoad Chain
(1.5m Lift)(3m Lift)(mm)Length (mm)Dia (mm) x fall(kg)Dia x Pitch (mm)Part No.
800kg63090649342802455.6 x 165.6x15.744278
1 tonne63091649353002455.6 x 16.25.6x15.744278
1.6 tonne63092649363352657.1 x 18.47.1x19.944279
2.5 tonne63093649373752658.8 x 111.68.8x24.644280
3.2 tonne630946493839541510 x 115.210x28.044281
6.3 tonne630956493954041510 x 226.210x28.044281
9 tonne630966494068041510 x 340.210x28.044281