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Leverhoists – Vital


Vital is a Japanese brand which is globally recognised for their high-quality products. The NR-series lever blocks feature the “free-wheeling” braking system which enables fast and easy operation. There is a minimum load requirement of 10% of the Working Load Limit to ensure that the braking system remains operative and continues to support the load. These lever blocks are ideally suited for the shipbuilding, construction, mining and power transmission industries.


  • Manufactured in Japan using optimum high quality steel which conforms to the strict JIS & ISO regulations.
  • All Vital models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.
  • One-touch operation for free chain adjustment.
  • Vital lever blocks can be supplied with overload protection for added security of use (excluding 250kg and 500kg models).
  • The unique design of the bottom hook prevents slipping and ensures safe operation.
  • Hardened alloy steel load chain with embossed identification, marked to the relevant standards.
  • Load Chain Exceeds Australian Standards with 5:1 Safety Factor.
  • Minimum load requirement of up to 10% of the Working Load Limit to ensure the operation of the braking system. E.g. a 1.5 tonne lever block requires a minimum load of 150kg.
  • Light loading; not suitable for tandem operations. If one of the lever blocks used in the tandem experiences an increase in the shared load and the other is reduced below the minimum load, inoperative breaks may occur and this could cause for the load to fall. For these applications we recommend the Vital Lever Blocks VR-2 series.


Specifications: VITAL LEVER BLOCKS NR-2 SERIES * *Vital lever blocks with customised lift heights are available.

Stock CodeVLB202VLB205VLB207VLB210VLB215VLB230VLB260VLB290
Rated Capacity (tonne)
Standard Lift Height (m)
Pull to lift load (kg)3034212327383940
Net Weight (kg)1.93.567.29.816.62747.3
Chain Size (mm)455.66.37.1999
No. of Falls11111123

Dimensions: VITAL LEVER BLOCKS NR-2 SERIES (in mm)
Vital Lever Blocks