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M3 Series Chain Block


M3 Series Chain Blocks are designed for maximum durability and safety in continuous heavy duty applications.  Optional lift heights also available.

  • Gear case and hand wheel cover resistant to external shocks.
  • Double enclosure helps prevent mud and dust from entering internal mechanisms.
  • Double pawl spring.
  • Reliable mechanical brake.
  • Hooks for easy work.
  • Stopper prevents excessive lowering.
  • Needle and ball roller bearings allows maximum mechanical efficiency with minimum effort.
  • Grade 100 load chain.
CapacityPart No. Part No.HeadroomCloseLoad ChainWeight*Load ChainPart No.
(3m Lift)(6m Lift)(mm)Headroom (mm)Dia (mm) x fall(kg)Dia x Pitch (mm)
500kg43269477693604055.0 x 1105.0x1544863
1 tonne43271474444104406.3 x 111.56.3x19.146722
1.5 tonne43273466374704957.1 x 114.57.1x2146731
2 tonne43275478825005208.0 x 1218.0x2444864
3 tonne43277478835405957.1 x 2249.0x2746731
5 tonne43279478846407209.0 x 2419.0x2746735
7.5 tonne43281632868108659.0 x 3639.0x2746735
10 tonne49575495777808909.0 x 4839.0x2746735