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PWB Grade 100 Chain

Chain Size: 8-26mm

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  • Grade 100 chain is manufactured from hardened and tempered steel.
  • Conforms to the mechanical properties of grade 100(V400) chain.
  • Available in a blue paintened finish for easy identification.
  • Test certificates supplied.
Chain SizeWLLFSRN.WPart No.Marking
8329.68241.641900PWB GR10 V400
1043710302.541901PWB GR10 V400
13748.113394.141902PWB GR10 V400
161059.216486.241903PWB GR10 V400
 20167420609.741904PWB GR10 V400
 221981.4226611.241905PWB GR10 V400
 26 26.596.2 267817.1 41906 PWB GR10 V400