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Ratchet Tie Downs

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Loadmax Ratchet Tie Down assemblies are the complete lashing system with the benefits of high pretension therefore less damage to cargo for general transport requirements.

• Lashing capacities available from 350kg to 5,000kg with
Webbing widths from 25mm to 75mm.
• Manufactured from high tenacity polyester Webbing, heavy
duty Hook and Keepers stamped with lashing capacity,
heavy duty powder coated Ratchet Buckle.
• ID tagged on both tail and free end of strap with, lashing capacity,
strap length, safety information,date of manufacture, batch
numbered and branded Loadmax for traceability.
• Batch Test Certificate available upon request.
• Comply with AS/NZS 4380.

20402025350KGS Hooks25mm x 4.5M
20402425500KGH/Keeper25mm x 4.5M
20402625500KGH/Keeper25mm x 6M
20403035500KGS Hooks35mm x 6M
204035351500KGH/Keeper35mm x 6M
204250502500KGH/Keeper50mm x 9M
204251502500KGJ Hook50mm x 9M
204350502500KGH/Keeper50mm x 11M
204353502500KGH/Keeper50mm x 13M
204354502500KGH/Keeper50mm x 16M
204355755000KGH/Keeper75mm x 9M