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TGC2 Gas Cylinder Trolley


The versatile TGC2 Gas Cylinder Trolley is designed for the safe handling of gas cylinders around the work site by forklift, crane or manually wheeled with push handles making it a flexible solution on sites where manoeuvring a traditional trolley may be difficult.

• Designed to carry one size ‘G’ Oxygen and one size ‘G’ Acetylene gas cylinder
• Ideal for use on construction and mining sites where manoeuvrability is limited
• Loadbinder allows cylinders to be securely fastened in position
• Fitted with push handles and 400mm diameter pneumatic tyres for manual transport
• Integrated forklift pockets and crane lifting chain sling provided
• Enamel paint finish



 Working Load Limit (WLL)     250kg   
 Unit Weight 55kg
 Fork Pocket Size 165 x 45mm   
 Fork Pocket Centres 480mm