» » » WP-C8 Crane Cage (1 person)

WP-C8 Crane Cage (1 person)


The WP-C8 Crane Cage has been designed in strict accordance with Australian Standard AS 1418.17 to elevate one person where it is not practicable to erect scaffolds or use a specially designed device.

• Suitable for a maximum of one person
• Fitted with mesh roof
• Fitted with safety harness anchor point and hand rails
• Supplied with lifting chains
• Fork pockets provided for transport purposes only
• Work performed in this cage shall be limited to special tasks of short duration
• Load test certificate, risk control measure documents, work cover registration and comprehensive instructions supplied
• Enamel paint finish


Maximum Capacity  1 person   
 Working Load Limit (WLL)   250kg
 Dimensions 750 x 750mm   
 Unit Weight 150kg    
 Fork Pocket Size 165 x 65mm
 Fork Pocket Centres 555mm

It is a mandatory requirement of AS1418.17 that suspension sling sets are supplied as an integral component of a personnel crane cage. If you are using or are offered a cage without dedicated chains or slings, that cage does not comply with Australian Standards and Design Registration requirements and should not be considered for the use of hoisting personnel.