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Re-lubricating of Steel Wire Ropes

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Re-Lubricating Wire Ropes

All CASAR special wire ropes are well lubricated during the production process and therefore provide a superior protection against wear, environmental influences and corrosion.  This primary lubrication is an important part to reach an ultimate rope service lifetime.  However, the primary lubrication only lasts for a limited time and should be refreshed by a re-lubricant periodically.

However when the relubrication is done it is strongly recommended to not put new wire rope lubricant on any existing primary one as this will accumulate.  Every lubrication should start with a proper cleaning of the rope surface if possible.  A cleaned rope has many advantages:

  • Dust, dirt and other particles are not sealed on the surface neither penetrate into the rope
  • A cleaned wire surface allows a much better adhesion of the re-lubricant

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