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RMB Lifting adds 300t Wire Rope Swaging Press

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RMB Lifting has added the Wirop WP-300H Wire Rope Swaging Press to its fleet and increase the size of Wire Rope it can press, in turn offering a wider range of service to our customers.

The WP-300 can swage up to 30mm Wire Rope and is known as one of the most reliable presses on the market.  The press was manufactured to order and had a delivery time of 16 weeks, coming in just ahead of schedule.  The larger capacity opens up further opportunities for the company and allows for increased turnaround times on Wire Rope assemblies.

Wire Rope can be a minefield and is very dependent on getting the right rope for the right application.  The team at RMB Lifting has extensive experience in this field and can help talk through the best fit for your application.

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