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RMB Lifting and Donaghy’s join forces

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RMB Lifting will now sell the Donaghy’s range of rope and cordage, adding to the ever expanding list of products that RMB Lifting can provide.

Donaghy’s has been in operation since 1876 where the company was founded by John Donaghy. Now a reputable and integral part of industry and a name synonymous with Synthetic and Natural Fibre Ropes, Donaghy’s is a ‘can do’ company dedicated to growth opportunities, research and development and keeping pace with the ever changing requirements of progressive industries.

These products are used across a wide cross section of industry and the range of products include Winchlines, Mooring Ropes, Mongoose Heavy Duty Tow Strops, Yachting Braids, Telstra Rope, Arborists and Rigging Ropes.

For further information visit the Ropes and Cordage section at RMB Lifting or contact the team at RMB Lifting