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Update to Australian Standard 4497: Roundslings-Synthetic fibre

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Australian Standard 4497 has had a revision to parts 1 & 2, the first time a full revision has taken place since 1997.

‘With the popularity and accessibility of synthetic slings, in particular round slings, at an all time high, the revision of the standard is timely’ says RMB Liftings’ Mark Eberhard.  ‘Users need to be across the requirements of the standard to ensure the safety of not only themselves, but their co-workers and members of the public.  Synthetic slings are the most common form of lifting sling used, but also the most misused.’

Users of the slings and employers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new revision of the Australian Standard, including updated sections in Care and Use and Competent Person requirements.

If you have any queries on the Standard and how it relates to you or your business, the team at RMB Lifting are happy to talk through it with you.

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