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Wire Rope for Tower Cranes

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CASAR Special Wire Ropes produce ropes for all types of Tower Cranes, starting with small ropes for Self-Erecting Tower Cranes up to the largest Luffing-Jib Tower cranes with hundreds of tons in lifting capacity.

There is a wide range of rope products serving this type of crane as the requirement is often very specific.  Tower Cranes working on skyscrapers need a perfect rotation resistant rope to prevent any rotation during the high lift process.  Self-Erecting Cranes with a non-hydraulic setup need a special rope to go over many sheaves in a complex action to extend the tower sections.

As with all cranes, the strong need is to have a perfect balance between performance and cost.  The wide product range that is offered by CASAR provides an extensive selection of product for all your needs.  The full range of CASAR Special Wire Ropes is available through authorised representative RMB Lifting.  Contact the team at RMB Lifting for further information.